Webstore Chrome

Webstore Chrome
Chrome webstore, is a container create by Google. Which is intend to make it easier for Google Chrome users. To find the extensions they need, and for protection from chrome. That the extensions on the chrome webstore, are extensions that are safe from malware. Starting from personal data theft, using the data for illegal things, and security from hackers.
Developers, who want to install the extension on the Chrome Web Store. Are require to send the extension data for review. However, if chrome feels that the extension is safe, they will publish it to the public. if it does not pass the test, then chrome will not publish it. It if it feels something is not safe from the extension.

Chrome Web Store Curation and Reviews

The Chrome Web Store, aims to help Chrome users. Easily find Chrome items (themes, extensions, and apps) to customize their browser.

Curation and Ranking
Before Adding an item, from the Chrome Web Store. Users can learn more about the functionality, data permissions, and publisher by viewing the item listing.

Organizing and ranking Chrome Web Store items

Users have multiple options, for discovering items on the Chrome Web Store. Keyword search, curated collections, the home page, and personalized recommendations. The store organizes and displays items, to help users discover. The ones that are relevant to their interests and use cases. These factors are use to organize items:

Quality of the item’s experience and editorial value.

Items feature on the Chrome Web Store, are manually select based on specific eligibility criteria.


Search ranking and recommendations are order base on the item name, description relevancy, popularity, and user experience.

User popularity

The number of ranks and the overall average rank are taken into account when placing priority on items.

User review

Users who have installed an item from the Chrome Web Store can provide a rating and a written review. Google doesn’t verify the authenticity of reviews and ratings, but reviews that violate our terms of service will be remove. Users may report an abusive review from the review section of the item listing page.

Security and quality review

When an item is submit to the Chrome Web Store, the publisher provides information about the item’s characteristics. (screenshots, privacy practices, and a description of the item’s functionality). Optional links to the publisher site, and optional publisher contact information.

Google has an automatic review process, for each new item submission. And conducts regular manual reviews for items that present an increased user risk.

The overview process, attempts to identify the safety of the item. its compatibility with the developer’s program policies and the overall quality of the user experience. If any thing is found to be suspicious, with the developer’s program policies. It’s remove from the Chrome Web Store. If the violation is deem severe enough, the item is deactivate from the user’s browser.