Usersnap Screenshot Chrome Extension

Whereas other tools in this list can be multi-purpose, Usersnap is meant for users and customers to give clear visual feedback to SaaS companies and e-commerce sites.
Not only screenshots but screen recordings and necessary metadata to see issues and feedback to solve them.
Product teams and software developers can get annotations with the specific URL, browser info, and console logs captured in the same screenshot. Great for user acceptance testing, quality assurance, and customer-generated product improvements.

Usersnap Screenshot Chrome Extension Featured

Capture your screen, collect user feedback, and track bugs reports on any website, prototype, or application.
Send feedback and report bugs on any website with screenshots and annotations directly in the browser.

Usersnap ( makes it easier for digital product teams to do user acceptance tests (UAT) and communicate design and development feedback.

Microsoft, Canva and other software companies streamline QA and user feedback workflows with Usersnap.

Usersnap can integrate with 50+ third-party solutions, such as…

Latest Version of Usersnap Screenshot Chrome Extension

The latest Version of Usersnap is version 3.0.0, that is Updated November 3, 2022