Screen Capture Plugin For Screenshot Scrolling

Screen Capture facilitates instant capturing of an individual screen, enabling users to share them with colleagues. Instead of just screenshots, it also allows you to record videos. Add your voice message using a microphone at the time of recording.

Screen Capture Plugin For Screenshot Scrolling

You could use several tools to turn text in to video. Which can boost both your marketing and sales as well.
You can directly share the URL of your captured screen with your colleagues. Enabling them to view it from their device.

What is Screen Capture

Dear readers, Screen Capture is a fork maintain by Adrià Vilanova Martínez (alias @avm99963). Of the original open source extension “Screen Capture (by Google)”.

The program can take screenshots of the visible contents of tabs, regions of web pages. Or entire pages and save them as images in PNG format.

The latest version of Screen Capture is version 6.0.2 last updated is on February 8 2021 and available in 6 languages.

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In this latest version, Screen Capture has fixed all the problems that existed in the previous version.

This program makes it possible to take a screenshot of the visible part of the page. A specific area or the entire page. After that, it is also possible to edit the image and save it.

The update’s content :

  • The feature to share screenshots via social networks has been removed (because it stopped working). We have no plans to reuse this.
  • Feature to use keyboard shortcuts to take screenshots (as it was implemented in a way that is no longer allowed in the Chrome Web Store). We have plans to bring this back in the future.