Qsnap Screenshot Chrome Extension

Qsnap is the perfect screenshot Chrome extension for the users who want to get more out of their screen captures.
Multiple screen page capture is now a few clicks away from you.
The plugin enables you to take a snap of both whole and partially visible screens.
You can find the multiple captured screenshots all together in a single document.
You can edit your images by adding in-line note boxes and callouts and send it to your peers.

QSnap, a leading provider of testing and quality software solutions that address the real-world challenges faced by today’s testers and QA teams, is bringing you qSnap.
Companies like Zappos, Compuware, Silverpop, and Autotrader benefit from our test management and agile testing solutions.

Qsnap Screenshot Chrome Extension Featured

Edit the captured image in various ways, including in-line comments and callouts.
Easily save your screen captures as a JPEG or PNG file. You can now easily use qSnap from any computer, whether it is a PC or a laptop.
This extension allows you to capture an image of the visible part of the page or the entire file and edit it in a separate tab.
In order to take the snapshot you can use a keyboard shortcut or the address bar button.
In the Editor tab you can use the full potential of the add-on by cropping the relevant area, blurring certain elements and inserting annotations.
If you need to emphasize a certain element, the add-on can insert arrows, rectangles and other shapes with just a few clicks.
You have the option to adjust the line size and color for every individual shape or text element.
The font size is also adjustable and allows you to insert explanations in callouts or text fields.

Qsnap Screenshot Chrome Extension Latest Version

The latest Package available is in Version:, Updated On: November 8, 2021
Extension Languages: English (United States)