Extension Popup Blocker (strict)

Strictly block all popup requests from any website by default. A notification window will open to allow you accept, reject, open the popup in background page, or redirect the current page to popup address

This lightweight extension simply stops pop-ups from deploying. Popup Blocker (strict) conveniently holds them for you in the background—giving you the choice to interact with them if you want.

Popup Blocker (strict) Features

Strictly block all popup requests from any website
It is common for streaming, shopping, and WordPress sites to open unwanted pop-ups or redirect users to ad pages.
This free, open-source Chrome extension blocks all types of popups and popunders before they are issued.
It pauses window opening requests for user attention.
Unlike other popup and ad blocker extensions, this one blocks requests on the original page rather than closing the target pages.
You will get badge count and optional page notification when a popup is blocked. A badge counter over the notification increments if more than one identical request is issued. For previously visited sites, the extension automatically allows or denies requests. It identifies the action based on your previous decision.

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