One drive

OneDrive (official name Microsoft OneDrive. Formerly SkyDrive. Windows Live SkyDrive, and Windows Live Folders). Is a cloud computing service, similar to Dropbox and Google Drive. That allows users, to upload and synchronize files. To a cloud storage, and then access them. Via a Web browser or specific device. The service was created by Microsoft and is part of its Windows Live online services and allows users to keep their files private, share them with people in their contacts, or make them public. Publicly shared files do not require a Microsoft account to access.

After a lawsuit from British television broadcaster BSkyB over the use of the word “Sky”, Microsoft agreed in July 2013 to change the name of the SkyDrive service within a “reasonable period of time”. Microsoft announced on January 27, 2014 that SkyDrive would be renamed OneDrive.

Microsoft, presented OneDrive. Which was release, almost at the same time Google introduced GDrive. Modeled after Dropbox’s Desktop Sync Clients, OneDrive also features a web editor for document files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote).

Microsoft OneDrive, is not only develop within the Windows. And Windows Mobile platforms, but also supports OS X and iOS platforms. The latest news for OneDrive development, Microsoft has integrated OneDrive into the latest Windows OS, namely Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Microsoft OneDrive Features

Back up photos & videos

More storage for all of your important files. Upload photos, videos, documents & more

Automatic photo backup & secure photo storage when you turn on Camera Upload

Find photos in the photo locker easily with automatic tagging

View & share photos on your phone, computer & online

Free storage & photo locker will secure photos & keep them safe

Upload videos & keep them in secure photo storage

Bedtime Backup is a dedicated backup state for seamless photo backup while you’re snoozing

File sharing and access

Secure photo storage for all of your photos, videos & albums

Share files, photos, videos & albums with friends & family

Share photos & upload videos easily

Get notifications when a shared document is edited

Secure folder settings offer password-protected or expiring sharing links*

Access selected OneDrive files on the app without being online


All OneDrive files are encrypted at rest & in transit

Personal Vault: protect important files with identity verification in secure folder storage

Secure photos, upload videos & keep them safe with secure photo storage

Restore files with version history

Stay protected with ransomware detection & recovery*

Collaboration with Microsoft

Share files across platforms & share photos in the photo locker

Use Microsoft Office apps to edit & collaborate in real time on Word, Excel, PowerPoint & OneNote files stored in OneDrive

Back up, view & save Office documents

Document scanning

Scan, sign, markup & send docs right from the OneDrive mobile app

Keep documents safe in a secure folder


Photos by what’s in them (i.e. beach, snow, etc.)

Search docs by name or content