NinjaCapture Chrome ScreenShots Extension

NinjaCapture add on app is the best way to share your screen, NinjaCapture is a software that does it all for you in one place.

NinjaCapture Chrome ScreenShots Extension

With NinjaCapture Software, you can easily share your screen and videos whenever you want, right from any device. Capture full web page screenshot or only part of the page.

You are free to make your choice from various Screencast alternatives View page, Full page, Select area.
Grab them all with just one click or in a matter of 3. NinjaCapture provides a selection of Google chrome screenshots ready to download on any device.

Why NinjaCapture ???

By using Ninjacapture to record Audio easily and build a more intimate relationship with the audience.
Ninjacapture allows you to do webcam recording to add a personal touch with the target audience.
Switch between webcam and screen recording during video recording or continue with both.

Home Page NinjaCapure

Limitless screenshots and video for a personal record
Share edited screenshots with friends on third -party websites.
Give visual feedback to your clients and colleagues to help them understand well.