Most Download Ads Block in Chrome Webstore

With the data we got from Chrome Webstore, based on rating and number of users. We made a list of the 5 most downloaded ad blockers on the chrome webstore. I hope you can use this as a reference for choosing an ad block for your daily use.

Other than based on the number, of downloads and reviews.

Most Download Ads Block in Chrome Webstore

The position of each of these extensions, is also based on the features they provide to users. Besides that we also consider, that the provision of paid packages will also have a big impact on the list.

You are also free to sort out and choose which adblocker extension you want. I hope it can be taken into consideration by readers. once again you are free to choose and this list is for your consideration only.


First on the list is filled with Adblock, That got ratings 4,5stars and 296,949 users.

Version 5.3.2 Is the latest version of Adblock that u can downloaded from Chrome webstore. Update in December 2, 2022.

Stands Fair Adblocker

With 5 Stars review and 135,800 user Stands Fair Adblocker is Second.

The latest version of Stands Fair Adblocker is Version 1.536 that Update in November 8, 2022. More information about stands Fair Adblocker click here

Poper Blocker

Poper Blocker is in number 3, with 5 stars review and 80.737users.

New Version of Poper Blocker is version 6.0.1 that Update in November 20, 2022. More information about Poper Blocker click here


The fourth position is Adguard, with 4,8 stars review and 54,637 users.

The newest version that available in the market is Version 4.1.46 that Updated November 22, 2022. click here for more information about Adguard

Adblocker Ultimate

Fifth in the list is Adblocker Ultimate, with rating 5 stars review and 47,025 users.

the latest Version that u can download is version 3.7.19, that Updated September 29, 2022. If tou really curious why click here for more information