Lunar Reader Chrome Extension

The Lunar Reader Chrome extension is a handy tool that can help you improve your reading experience on the web. With its easy-to-use interface and customizable settings, you can customize your reading experience to suit your needs.

One of the main features, of the Lunar Reader extension. Is its ability to adjust the font size and style of any web page.

This can be especially helpful, for those with visual impairments. Or for those who just prefer a larger or smaller font size. You can also adjust the line spacing and margins to make the text more comfortable to read.

The extension, also offers a night mode feature. Which can help reduce strain on your eyes when reading in low light environments. The night mode feature, changes the background color of the page to a softer and more comfortable shade of black. Making it easier to read for long periods of time.

In addition to its reading-related features, the Lunar Reader extension also offers tools for improving your productivity on the web. For example, it includes a built-in dictionary and thesaurus. As well as a feature that allows you to highlight and save important text for later reference.

Overall, the Lunar Reader Chrome extension is a useful tool for anyone who spends a lot of time reading online. Its customizable features, and productivity tools make it an essential tool. For improving your reading experience and boosting your productivity on the web.

Lunar Reader, is yet another high-quality Chrome extension. With a 4.7 rating on the Chrome web store.

In addition, to offering the standard dark theme. For every website, it also allows to you customize your dark theme visual for brightness, contrast and saturation.

There’s also a ‘Night Shift’ mode that can be auto-activated based on the time of day. Lunar Reader, filters out the blue light. And changes the website’s background color to warmer, making them much more soothing on the eye.

It also supports keyboard shortcuts to quickly activate or deactivate the dark theme and night shift options.

Lunar Reader Chrome Extension Features

1) An easy way to create dark mode on every website. In addition, you can customize your dark theme visual from Brightness, Contrast, to Saturation.

2) A night shift mode which changes the website’s color to warmer, making it much more pleasing to watch.

You can choose to use either dark theme or night shift mode, or both. You can also quickly activate these modes with simple keyboard shortcuts.

3) You can set up schedule, for each dark theme and night shift mode. And decide when you want to auto-activate dark theme.

★ Note: Remember to disable any similar dark theme or night shift mode extension to prevent compatibility issues.