Kiwi Browser for Android

Kiwi Browser is a Chromium-based browser that allows extensions. Kiwi also has a built-in ad-blocking feature and works very fast. It is a light download, installs quickly, and fires up quickly. The browser is excellent for general use and stops most ads by default.

Kiwi Browser for Android

Kiwi simply offers reliable and fast functionality and allows you to add Chrome extensions from the Web Store that work as if you were using a desktop browser.

How to Install Kiwi Browser

Download Kiwi Browser, which is free from the Play Store.

Make sure it’s the latest version; otherwise, sideload the app’s latest release.

Adding Chrome Webstore Extension With Kiwi Browser

Open the Android “Kiwi Browser.”

Tap on the “vertical ellipsis” (three vertical dots) menu icon.

Select “Extensions.”

Tap on “+ (from store)” to open the Chrome Web Store.

Select your extension by browsing or searching for it.

Tap on “Add to Chrome” to launch the installation process.

Follow the installation prompts and log in to the add-on if necessary.

To confirm and access all installed extensions, tap on the “vertical ellipsis” in the top-right section, then choose “Extensions” from the list. You can also type “kiwi://extensions” in the URL/search box.