Current Version Google Chrome for Android

Do you know what version of google chrome your android has?

It turns out that chrome on each OS or device can have different versions. Current Version Google Chrome available for Android is version Chrome Dev 110 (110.0.5476.3) for Android

How to Update Current Version Google Chrome for Android

It depends on your settings. Your Android may automatically download and install Chrome updates for you, so you probably don’t need this guidance. But if you get a reminder that your Chrome browser is out of date, here’s an simple way to keep it updated to the latest version.

1.         On your Android, tap the Play Store icon

The Google Play Store app will now open. The Play Store lets you manage and add Applications to your phone or tablet.

2.         In the top right, tap your profile icon

Tapping the profile icon will reveal the main menu of options for your profile.

3.         Tap “Manage apps and device”

If you have any out of date apps on your device, you’ll see that it says “Updates available”.

4.         Tap “Updates available”

5.         Find Google Chrome in the list

Scroll down through the list of apps with updates until you find Chrome’s entry in the list. There will be an Update button next to it.

6.         Tap Update to update Google Chrome

7.         The Play Store will update Chrome

The Play Store will now download and install the latest version of Google Chrome. Depending on your internet connection this may be very quick or might take a few minutes. You can speed it up by connecting to a WiFi network first.

8.         Chrome is now updated

Current Version Google Chrome for Android