Just Black

Well actually, Just Black is not an extension. It’s a theme, which gives your entire browser a dark look. Including the New Tab page, top bar, and more.

This theme comes from the official Chrome team, which means it’s stable, reliable and without bloat.

This is one to install if you want a no-nonsense dark theme on your Google Chrome.

Current Version Extension Dark Mode Google Chrome Just Black

However, since this theme darkens the entire browser from head to toe, you may find it a little overwhelming if you still want to retain a bit of color in your browser.

This theme also doesn’t offer some of the more enhanced customization options offered by third-party themes.

Why Just Black

With more than 8 million users, and a 4-star review rating, there’s no question how reliable this extension is. Moreover, this extension was developed by The Chrome team.

Latest Version is version 3 that updated July 31, 2020

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