Google Chrome Current Version

Who doesn’t know google chrome, almost 90% of internet users have used it.

Do you even know what the latest version of google chrome is?
Did you care whether your chrome is updated or not.
How do you check the google chrome version on the device you have?
Where can you even download the latest version?
We try to summarize it, for you from various valid sources. The information you need about google chrome.

Google Chrome Version History

Google Chrome is a freeware web browser develop by Google LLC. The process of building is divide into different “release channels”, each working on builds in a separate stage of development. Chrome provides four channels: Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary. Chrome is update every two to three weeks on the stable builds for minor releases and every four weeks for major releases.

How to check your version of Chrome

On your computer, open Chrome

See steps for Android or iOS

At the top right, look at More

Click Help > About Chrome

Here’s how you can update Chrome

Google Chrome Current Version

Updates automatically, Chrome checks for new updates regularly. And when an update is available, Chrome applies it automatically when you close and reopen the browser.

Why keep Chrome updated

Keeping Google Chrome Current Version up to date allows you to take advantage of the latest Chrome features and security updates to keep you productive, secure, and mobile.


Keeps you secure

Chrome makes staying safe easy by updating automatically.


The latest Google features

Chrome makes staying safe easy by updating automatically.


Improved speed and performance

Chrome makes staying safe easy by updating automatically.

Google Chrome Current Version Available

The Beta channel has been update to 109.0.5414.46 for Windows, Mac and Linux .

On Wednesday, December 14, 2022