Facebook ad blocker

It’s really annoying when when you’re on social media, suddenly ads that you don’t want appear. Especially ads that sell goods for “adult” needs.
Especially when we are on social media in public places, cafes or waiting rooms. It will be very embarrassing if suddenly this type of ad appears on our screen.
How to prevent it?

Current Version Extension Facebook ad blocker

What the perfect Extension adblocker on Facebook

There are several extensions that you can use, here are some examples

Ad Blocker for Facebook


An open-source Ad Blocker for Facebook

  • Support the FB5 layout
  • Blocks both suggested posts and sidebar ads
  • Does not slow down your computer
  • Does not track/read your Facebook activity, or other websites
  • You can inspect everything about this extension here, https://github.com/facebook-adblock/facebook_adblock/blob/mainline/src/main.js

Urban Adblocker

Urban Adblocker is another great product by Urban Cyber Security. Our vast experience in online security allows us to offer our advanced Facebook ad-blocker.

Our Chrome Extension users enjoy:

No Ads as part of your social media browsing experience, eliminating feed ads, video ads & banners.