BuiltWith Technology Profiler: Revealing the Tools and Technologies Behind Websites

Today’s digital landscape, websites are built using a complex combination of tools, frameworks, and platforms. This technology, stack forms the foundation of a website. And plays a crucial role in its functionality, performance, and user experience. As a web developer, marketer, or technology enthusiast. It is essential to have a deep understanding of the technology … Read more

Window Resizer: A Game-Changing Extension for Perfecting Your Website’s Display

A website’s display and responsiveness play a crucial role in creating a positive user experience. With the increasing variety of devices and screen sizes, it is essential for web developers to ensure that their websites look great and function seamlessly across all platforms. A poorly displayed website can lead to high bounce rates, decreased user … Read more

Boost Your Efficiency with Pushbullet: Seamlessly Sync Notifications Across Devices

Staying connected and organized has become more crucial than ever. We rely heavily on our devices for communication, work, and accessing information. However, with the increasing number of devices we use on a daily basis, it can be challenging to keep track of all the notifications and information coming our way. This is where Pushbullet … Read more

Speechify: The Powerful Speech-to-Text Tool You Need for Enhanced Efficiency

Whether you’re a student, professional. Or someone constantly on the go, finding ways to maximize your time and streamline tasks is crucial. One innovative solution that has emerged to meet this demand is speech-to-text technology. By converting spoken words into written text, speech-to-text tools have become indispensable for individuals looking to boost their productivity and … Read more

Personalize Your Browsing Experience with These Edge Extensions

Current Version Microsoft Edge

Personalizing your browsing experience can help you to make your web experience more efficient and enjoyable. One way to do this is by using extensions for your web browser. Edge is a popular web browser that offers a wide range of extensions to help you customize your browsing experience. Here are five Edge extensions that … Read more

Maximize Your Savings with Rakuten Firefox Extension

Maximize Your Savings with Rakuten Firefox Extension

Rakuten is a popular cashback website that allows users to earn cashback when they shop online. It partners with thousands of retailers worldwide to offer users savings on their online purchases. With the rise of online shopping, Rakuten has become an increasingly popular platform. For those looking to save money while shopping. The Rakuten Firefox … Read more

Elevate Your Browsing Security with Kaspersky for Google Chrome

Protect Your Online Security with Kaspersky Extension for Chrome

Kaspersky for Google Chrome is a browser extension that provides a comprehensive solution for online security. With the increasing frequency, of cyber attacks and data breaches. It’s essential for users to take steps to protect themselves while they browse the web. Kaspersky for Google Chrome offers a range of features designed to help keep users … Read more

Optimize Your Mac’s Browsing Speed and Efficiency with Opera GX

Protect Your Privacy with These Essential Opera Extensions

Opera GX is a web browser design specifically for Mac users who want a faster and more efficient browsing experience. It combines the traditional features of a web browser with cutting-edge technology to provide a unique and personalized browsing experience. With Opera GX, Mac users can enjoy lightning-fast browsing speeds. Streamlined navigation, and customizable settings … Read more



Dropbox, is a secure cloud & drive solution. Leader trusted by Fortune 500 companies, for their most sensitive data. Over 14 million paid users, choose Dropbox. Because they know, they can count on a company. That’s also dedicate to their security and privacy—no matter what they do or where they are. Dropbox is not affiliate … Read more

Microsoft Extension

microsoft extension

Extensions are a powerful tool that can help you customize and enhance your experience with Microsoft products. Whether you’re using a Microsoft browser like Edge, or a Microsoft Office application like Word, extensions can help you streamline your workflow and make your daily tasks easier and more efficient. In this article, we’ll take a look … Read more