Current Version Microsoft Windows Server 2022

Windows Server 2022 is the latest release, it will be very interesting. to see what are the advantages of Windows Server 2022. We can also find out what are the features provided by the latest release from windows corp. This is the tenth major release of Microsoft’s operating system suite for servers. Windows Server 2022 is continuing Microsoft’s 3-2 year major release cycle. Like previous versions, Windows 2022 follows Microsoft’s LTSC model. It offers five years of mainstream support and five years of extended support starting from November 2, 2021.

Windows Server 2022 Features

Firmware attack prevention through Dynamic Root of Trust for Measurement (DRTM) and Direct Memory Access (DMA).

Hypervisor security through virtualization-based security (VBS).

Secure connectivity enforced through Transport Layer Security.

Server Message Block (enforced through Quick UDP Internet Connections).

Windows Server 2022 is update to further support large-scale operations like SQL.

Improvements to Windows Containers.

Windows Server 2022 Editions

Windows Server 2022 Standard Edition can be consider the base version. Its primary use cases involve physical servers and/or environments with minimal virtualization. The Standard Edition utilizes a core based licensing model. The $1069 retail price for each license covers up to 16 CPU cores.

The Windows Server 2022 Essentials Edition is Microsoft’s most cost effective option. It uses a special server licensing model. Microsoft intends it for SMEs with up to 25 users and 50 devices. Originally, it retailed for $501 (at the time of writing this guide) for a single socket, single VM, and up to 10 cores. Unlike the Standard Edition, it does not require CALs. It is only available through a limited number of Microsoft server hardware partners.

The Windows Server 2022 Data Center Edition is Microsoft’s answer for highly virtual systems and environments. As such, it’s ideal for well establish organizations with large integrate cloud infrastructure. As with the Standard edition, it uses a core based licensing which covers up to 16 cores. Microsoft charges $6,155 per license. Additionally, it requires CALs.

Datacenter Azure
Windows Server 2022 Datacenter Azure Edition is a fairly new entry into Microsoft’s server licensing models. This edition allows you to manage the operating system as either an Azure Stack Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) cluster or VM. Microsoft does not intend if for raw physical machines. Users can be run this edition of the OS as a Hyper-V VM. It offers an exclusive set of features that cannot be found in the other editions of Windows Server 2022.