Current Version Microsoft Edge

Built on the same technology as Chrome, Microsoft Edge has additional built-in features like Startup boost and Sleeping tabs, which boost your browsing experience with world class performance and speed that are optimized to work best with Windows.Version 107.0.1418.56: November 21, 2022 is the newest version of Microsoft Edge.

Current Version Microsoft Edge

Thanks to cloud gaming optimizations like Clarity Boost, a memory-saving efficiency mode, and support for popular themes and extensions, Microsoft Edge is the best browser for gaming on the web, giving you access to thousands of free games.

Microsoft provides four options, called channels, to manage how often Microsoft Edge is updated with new features. For more information about our channels, their release cycle, and support levels, see the Chanel overview

Starting with Stable channel version 94, Microsoft Edge is moving to a 4-week major release cycle cadence. However, we know that enterprise customers who manage complex environments need more time to plan and test Microsoft Edge updates. To help our enterprise customers who need an extended timeline to manage updates, Microsoft Edge will offer an Extended Stable option aligned to a longer, 8-week major release cycle. This option will only be available for customers with managed environments.

There are a few different current versions of Microsoft’s Edge Browser.

Edge on Windows107.0.1418.562022-11-21
Edge on macOS107.0.1418.562022-11-21
Edge on Linux107.0.1418.562022-11-21
Edge on iOS107.1418.522022-11-22
Edge on Android107.0.1418.432022-11-21
Edge on Windows 10 Mobile40.15254.603 Discontinued2020-01-14

Please remember that with Microsoft ending the development of Windows 10 Mobile, Edge will no longer be developed or supported on Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft’s Edge browser was released in 2015 and is their replacement for their now obsolete web browser Internet Explorer. Edge is the default browser on the Microsoft platforms (Windows and Xbox One) and adds a lot of features which were lacking in Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer is still available on Windows 10 and Xbox One in case you need to use a website that works with Internet Explorer but not Edge.

How Keeping Edge up to date

Edge is a part of Windows 10, so as long as you make sure Windows 10 is always up to date, you should always have the latest version of Edge as well!

We have a detailed on guide on How to keep edge up-todate It will help you stay safe and secure online.

Edge vs EdgeHTML

The Edge browser uses the EdgeHTML rendering layout engine to show websites. Edges user only provides the version number of the EdgeHTML rendering engine.

So while we show you what version that you have, we check which version of EdgeHTML that you have and then switch to the actual version of Edge, you can assure to get the most accurate information.

Please remember that the version given above is the latest version of the actual Edge browser not the EdgeHTML version.