Current Version grammarly extension chrome

Grammarly for Chrome is a safe, free, and verified browser extension that helps writers check the spelling, grammar, and punctuation of their work. For your information The latest Version is 14.1087.0 Updated November 12, 2022

The Grammarly extension for Chrome integrates with online publishing platforms including Twitter, Facebook , Instagram, Wordpress , Google docs, and Linkedin. you can use it Inside Microsoft Words. The extension is compatible with most operating systems including Windows 11.

How to install the Grammarly browser extension

Grammarly offers a browser extension for the following browsers: 

  • Chrome (version 67 and newer)
  • Safari (version 12 and newer) 
  • Firefox (version 54 and newer) 
  • Microsoft Edge (version 88 and newer)

Notice This!!! This add-on work best with the stable version of browsers and operating system, therefore you have to update software regularly. Other browser like Opera or Brave still not supported with Gramarly


Open Google Chrome and visit the Google Chrome Store to install the Grammarly browser extension. Click Add to Chrome to start the download.


Open Firefox and visit the Firefox Add-ons page to install the Grammarly browser extension. Click Add to Firefox to start the download.

How do I check which version of the Grammarly browser extension I have currently?

This extension updated automatically. If you’d like to know which version you have currently, follow the steps below for your preferred browser:


  1. Type chrome://extensions into the address bar
  2. Toggle the switch next to Developer mode in the upper-right corner 
  3. Check the current version next to Grammarly for Chrome

If you’d like to know which version you have currently, follow the steps below for your preferred browser:


  1. Type about:addons into the address bar at the top of your screen
  2. Under Grammarly for Firefox, select Manage 
  3. Scroll down to check the current version

How do I know if my Chrome extension is Grammarly?

Note: If you use Google Chrome as your browser, you can pin Grammarly’s browser extension to your toolbar for easier access. To do that, click the puzzle icon in the upper-right corner of the browser window and then click the pin icon to add Grammarly to your toolbar

How does Grammarly check grammar?

Many of us have the same question, how did they do that??? While you use Grammarly spesially for Chrome, they will correcs and sugges instantly as users write. The simple interface, it is quick and easy enough for you to make corrections. you can choose for spelling errors to be automatically corrected, this might annoying some times. Writers can use the spell checker in two ways:

while you work The first option is using the extension to highlight errors and suggestions directly on the website. the function is designed to work across all online publishing platforms, some users might find that error highlights do not display properly on some webpages.

Secondly, writers can draft content using the online document functionality provided on the web app. They can then either copy and paste the text into the editor of their desired website or download a copy of the text as a .docx file.

Optional paid-for upgrades to premium individual and business accounts offer users additional functionality beyond basic spelling, grammar, and punctuation checks, including features that focus on the consistency, clarity, and engagement of the writing.