Current version extension Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy version until November 2022 is version 1.45.1264 updated November 17 2022. Sized 18,74MB and released in 1 language witch is English.

TubeBuddy is an essential tool for anyone looking to grow their YouTube channel. It is easy to use and provides a wealth of features that can help you improve your videos and grow your audience. Highly recommend using TubeBuddy to take your YouTube channel to the next level.

If you’re an existing YouTube vlogger or thinking of starting a YouTube channel, you’re going to want to pay attention to this post.

I’m going to talk about a powerhouse tool that will help you manage, optimize, and grow your YouTube channel.

It’s called TubeBuddy, and it’s packed with countless powerful features that will enable you to get more out of YouTube. And one of the best parts is that all of these features are available inside your normal YouTube interface.

TubeBuddy is essentially a certified YouTube SEO tool and chrome extension that connects directly to your Youtube dashboard. Once you install it on your browser (which is very easy!) and log in, your YouTube dashboard becomes entirely upgraded! (with tons of new features!). It’s YouTube certified so you know it’s 100% safe and it’s easy to install too.

Current version extension Tube Buddy new service

TubeBuddy comes as a browser extension, so there’s no need to switch back and forth to an external tool.

TubeBuddy features include alot of service, like :

1. YouTube SEO tools

The best part of TubeBuddy is the huge amount of YouTube SEO features it has packed in. These features can help your videos get into the YouTube Algorithm and get millions of suggested views.

The most favorite features include:

1.Suggested Tags

2.Keyword Explorer

3.SEO Studio

4.Best Time To Publish

5.Video A/B Tests

2.In-depth Analytics

TubeBuddy’s in depth analytics help you to grow your channel by understanding what works and what doesn’t. The data allows you to focus on creating content that drives views and increases your earnings.

The best features that have helped you grow:

1.Retention Analyzer

2.Health Report

3.Competitor Scorecards

4.Social Monitor

5.Rank Trackings

3. Productivity Tools

TubeBuddy helps save your time by speeding up a lot of the manual actions you normally have to take on YouTube.

The favorite features are:

1.Bulk metadata updates

2.Canned Responses

3.Publish to Facebook

4.Thumbnail Generator

5.Video Topic Planner

Current version extension Tube Buddy new features

Works Inside YouTube – TubeBuddy adds a menu inside of your YouTube account for easy access.

Tag Explorer – Find the best & most popular tags for your videos.

Publish to Facebook – Automatically publish your videos as native Facebook videos.

A/B Testing – A/B test titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails.

Best Time to Publish – Automatically find the best time to publish videos for your specific audience.

GIF Generator – Automatically create a GIF for a specific portion of your video.

Brand Alerts – Get notified whenever someone mentions your channel.

Competitor Scorecard – Keep an eye on your competition.

Description Promotion – Promote one of your videos in the descriptions of all your other videos.

Lots more… – TubeBuddy seriously has too many features to list.