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DownloadHelper is an extension with a pretty clear purpose. It offers all Chrome users a way to easily download and convert online media. Be careful though, as Chrome’s new policies will not allow any such add-on to grab videos from YouTube. With that said, it’s likely you’ll lose interest in this piece of software, although it’s just another victim of the said restrictions.

Latest Version DownloadHelper Chrome extension

The latest Version of DownloadHelper available is version,that Updated in October 12, 2022

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Current Version DownloadHelper Chrome Extension Features

A very neat menu for accessing all functions
The extension is not really something that will surprise you. Still, provided you don’t deal with YouTube, the extension does its job very well. It needs a companion app installed on your desktop, though. This could be an issue with most, seeing as there are other options that do not have as many requirements as in this case.

The settings that users have in their hand
From the menu, itself, any user can opt to Quick Download, Download, or Download & Convert. There are extra options for blacklisting certain videos one does not like. It could even prove useful when dealing with stuff your children should never see. You can also get information about whatever video you’re watch, although all that data is anyways store in the browser somewhere. Indeed, that info does become slightly more accessible. The last two options have to do with pinning and deleting any of the videos from your selection.
Video DownloadHelper for Chrome is a neat extension hinder by all sorts of adjacent issues. One could say this add-on has fallen prey to Google’s more strict policies regarding its services. Regardless, if you don’t want to download this app’s Firefox counterpart, then it should serve you fine while on Chrome, too. One can also reset the few settings dealing with video quality, naming, or conversion rules, which should be a relief for most, as well.
special software that makes it easier to get video from different websites. The developer promises to be very easy to use and gets to work at the touch of a button.

Getting All Videos that You Want
The features that Video DownloadHelper comes with versions that compatible with Firefox and Chrome helps to broad the spectrum so that it can be use with various popular operating systems.

Truly Endless Content at Your Fingertips
People who are having trouble, downloading the videos that they want. From certain websites may find, that Video DownloadHelper makes the process easier.