Midnight Lizard

Midnight Lizard is an open-source project host on Github.

However, Midnight Lizard sets itself apart from the rest by offering not just one dark theme. But a number of predefined and customizable gray and iridescent color schemes.

This is one of the best dark mode extensions for Google Chrome if you want granular control over everything.

Current Version Extension Color Schema for Browser

You can set the same theme for all websites or different colors for different sites. You can also adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, and hue to improve readability.

There is also a blue light filter similar to smartphones, as well as the ability to change specific colors. Configure backgrounds, text, buttons, links, borders, images, and scroll bars.

Midnight Lizard Features

Midnight Lizard color schemes work across all websites. There are many predefined color schemes and you can install more from midnight-lizard.org

Choose between dark, light, grayscale or colorful color schemes

Modify existing or create new color schemes

Use different color schemes on each website

Adjust brightness, saturation, contrast and hues

Improve accessibility and readability

Increase contrast to make text easier to read

Apply blue light filter to shift all colors towards red light

Keep original images and hues without inversion

Schedule automatic activation and deactivation

You also can Use keyboard shortcuts to toggle extension
⮚ on current website: Alt+Shift+L
⮚ globally: Alt+Shift+M

Use with PDF and local files (enable in browser settings)

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