Chrome Extension Store

Chrome extension store or better known as chrome webstore is a service provided by Google to accommodate applications that are compatible with chrome.

thus all applications downloaded from the chrome webstore are very secure, both from its compatibility with chrome or the personal data that we provide to the developer.

Chrome Extension Store history

Chrome Web Store announce to the public in December 2010, and was open on February 11, 2011. With the release of Google Chrome 9.0. A year later, it was redesign to “catalyze a big increase in traffic. Across downloads, users. and total number of apps”.

As of June 2012, there were 750 million total installs of content host on Chrome Web Store.

Some extension developers have sold their extensions to third-parties who then incorporated adware. In 2014, Google removed two such extensions from Chrome Web Store. After many users complained about unwanted pop-up ads. The following year, Google acknowledge that about five percent of visits to its own websites had been alter by extensions with adware.

Why should I use the Chrome Extension Store?

Publishing your extension in the Chrome Web Store lets you reach more people. You can also earn revenue or build Chrome-specific features into it.

The Chrome Web Store lets you publish extensions, either free or paid. Where Google Chrome users can easily find them.

Chrome Extension Store availability

You can install free items, from the Chrome Web Store. To pay for apps, extensions or browser themes. you need a Google Payments account. Check if Google Payments is available in your country.

The Chrome Web Store, will show available items based on your Chrome browser language and location.

To see featured content, and paid items in local currency. Click Settings Settings. Click your language and country.