Browser Extension

A browser extension is a small software module for customizing a web browser. Browsers typically allow a variety of extensions, including user interface modifications, cookie management, ad blocking, and the custom scripting and styling of web pages.

Browser extension that we know recently like google chrome, Microsoft edge, Mozzilla firefox, Internet Explorer and so on. Those browser extension Make us easy to access website, search the web, and even use other web apps. In this cases, a browser extension can help you customize your brosing experience.

Basically, an extension is a tiny piece of software that adds some custom function to your core browser. Like dark-mode, spell-checker, ad-blocker, and many more.  

What do browser extension do??

The answer of that question is clear, extention can do almost anything. It might organize your notes, protect you from hackers, or just transform how that information appears in the browser window. Extensions are like specialized agents working with the flow of information through your browser.

But don’t forget different browsers, use different extension. Firefox and safari use different source codes from Chrome and Brave (which both rely on the open-source Chromium codebase). This means that an extension for Firefox will require a separate version to work for Brave or Chrome. The situation gets more complicated when you realize that some browsers don’t support extensions.

Browser extension security and privacy

Cyber-security and online privacy are critical topics, and there are several issues you should be aware of when using a browser extension. The first step to do is managing security and privacy with extensions, is to ensure you’re using the most secure and private browser (more on that later). Second, you’ll want to have good hygiene with your extensions: knowing where those extensions come from, and limiting the number you install.

How to use Browser extension safely

  1. Check and re-check who makes the extension
  2. Keep the history what you’ve installed
  3. Never install too many extension
  4. Always reviewed and removed un used extension