Blipshot Screenshot Chrome Extension

Blipshot is a one-click screenshot extension, just click on the icon and the page screenshot will be create.
You can then drag’n’drop it wherever you want. This extension works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

This is one of the fastest and simplest Chrome extension for capturing screenshots with drag and drop features.
You can drag and put the captured screenshot into any folder of your choice in PNG file format.
It supports one-click screenshot to make the process quick.
The save screenshot automatically gets name as per the webpage, date and time, facilitating easy access.
If you are using the latest version of Chrome, you can also capture the Flash contents on your screen.

Blipshot Screenshot Chrome Extension Features

Whole-page screenshot, not just the visible area
Flash content is includ in the screenshot
Real one-click screenshot, the easiest extension possible
Fast drag’n’drop or right click to save the image in PNG
The screenshot is save with page name, date and time

Why Blipshot Screenshot Chrome Extension

There are various workarounds and Blipshot contains an implementation of one of these.
The screenshotter-[.DOM].js library (2 files) is design to be as reusable as possible, please do it if you want to make full screen screenshots.

Blanket Style Set – A small library, pack to be use in a Chrome extension and with minimal client page impact, that allows to reset and set back a specific CSS property to all the DOM nodes. Used by Blipshot as a workaround for fixed positioned elements.