Best Ads Blocking Mobile APP

There are alot of ad blocking mobile apps availeble. Of the several Android applications on the market, we try to make a list of the best-selling applications. Regardless of the list we create, you are free to create your own list.

it will really depend on what mobile operating system you are using. So the list we make is not an application ranking. because the list above has different operational systems. So enjoy.

AdAway (Android)

Android users with a rooted device can check out AdAway. A free and open source ad-blocker that works on the host’s file level. That way, when an app or webpage makes a request to a particular ad provider. It instead goes to a blank IP address (, saving your bandwidth and keeping you from being spam by advertising.
AdAway lets you use hosts files from a variety of sources. Or one of your making, with options to blacklist or whitelist particular addresses and add your own redirects.
You will need to allow installing third party apps (or download AdAway through the F-Droid app). As AdAway isn’t available in the Google Play store.

1Blocker (iOS)

1Blocker was one of the first really good ad blockers on iOS. When Apple opened up that functionality on iPhones and iPads. The apps has since been optimized for Safari.
The app is designed to make browsing faster and more secure by blocking ads, popups, trackers and other online cruft. Rather than blocking content of a downloaded page. 1Blocker works with Safari’s content blocker API to tell the browser what to block in advance, saving time and resources.
1Blocker features more than 115,000 blocker rules, custom regional adblocking settings, and easy-to-use custom rules settings. The app is a free download, with premium features available as in-app purchases.

Firefox Focus (Android, iOS)

Firefox Focus is another addition to Mozilla’s family of browsers. This one’s a privacy-oriented version of Firefox that bakes in ad-blocking and anti-tracking into a light and functional package. Firefox Focus blocks ads and speeds up browsing, while also working in privacy-friendly features like automatic history and cookie clearing.

Users can selectively block ads, analytics, content and social trackers. With easy toggles, turn on a “stealth” mode, and set a default search engine.

AdClear (Android, iOS)

AdClear or AdClear Plus, if you’re searching for the iOS version. Offers the kind of mobile ad blocking in browsers that similar apps provide. But AdClear takes it one step farther by also blocking ads in apps. AdClear achieves this through a DNS changer feature that routes traffic through a VPN. AdClear doesn’t catch everything in all apps, and in our experience, some apps ran a little slower. But this free download, can put a stop to ads interrupting. What you’re trying to do whether in an app or a browser.