Awesome Screenshot Plugin For Screenshot Scrolling

Awesome Screenshot features a variety of robust functionalities.
With this, you can not only just capture screenshots but can even annotate them or blur out areas within.
You can share the screenshots with anyone instantly.
Besides featuring a friendly user interface, it can also be used to take screen records as an awesome screenshot Screen Recorder and upload the same to different Project management tools like Trello, Jira and more.

Awesome Screenshot Plugin For Screenshot Scrolling

looks like this is the most used add in for Screenshots for Chrome Browser. Over 2m users is using this add on, and most of them reviewed positively.

The best screen recorder and screen capture & screenshot tool to record screen.
If you want to share your screen for cases like reporting technical issues, making product demos for your product or your how-to tutorials? Here are the reasons why you have to choose Awesome Screen Recorder & Screenshot

Reason for Using Awesome Screenshot

1️. Provide stable service for more than 10 years
2️. Loved by more than 3 millions users across different platforms 👍
3️. Local Screen Recorder & Cloud Screen recorder 2 in 1
4️. Screenshot / Screen capture & Screen recorder 2 in 1
5️. Quick Customer support
6️. Powerful features special designed for work and educational scenarios
7️. No ads and respect your privacy
8️. Easy to use
9️. Instant sharing your screenshots and screen recordings
10 . Most importantly, your voice matters & Continuous improvements

Download Awesome Screenshot

Download for Google Chrome

Feature Awesome Screenshot Plugin For Screenshot Scrolling

This add in Works perfectly with Google Chromeand can Runs offline
the latest Version is4.3.70
Updated November 23, 2022
Available in 54 Languages