AdBlock for YouTube (Extension for Removes ads from YouTube )

Now you can choose, If you don’t want to bother with any ad blocking other than YouTube. AdBlocker for YouTube is the choice. AdBlocker for YouTube is made by AdblockLite.

Adblock for Youtube is a content filtering and ad blocking browser extension which blocks all ads on Youtube.
It allows users to prevent page elements, such as advertisements, from being displayed.
Banner, Ad-Clips or even preroll ads you usually see before the actual video on Youtube are blocked by this extension.

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AdBlock for YouTube Features

It Blocks ads, banner and popups
Also Blocking of ads on external sites which load Youtube

AdBlock for YouTube Latest Version

The latest Version of AdBlock for YouTube is available in version 5.2.1, that Updated November 18, 2022

Why Choose AdBlock for YouTube

Chrome Webstore Rated AdBlock for YouTube 4.2 out of 5, with active Users 477,385