AdBlock Extension for Firefox

AdBlock, blocks all types of ads by default, but it also lets users opt in to Acceptable Ads by choice. Acceptable Ads, is an independent vetting program. Where advertisers can participate to have their ads pass through content filters if they meet certain criteria. Llike only allowing display ads that fit within strict size parameters, or text ads that adhere to tight aesthetic restrictions.

AdBlock Extension for Firefox Features

It also makes it easy, for you to elect to accept certain niche types of advertising. Like ads that don’t use third party tracking, or ads on your favorite YouTube and Twitch channels. Your Adblock Makes it easy to allow ads on your favorite YouTube and Twitch channels.
Free tier of Adblock works great, but indeed some of your favorite features you must pay. Like device syncing and the ability to replace ads with custom pics of animals. Or when you want ad blocking with a privacy boost.

Most of all ad blockers available . Enhance your privacy and security, simply by virtue of the fact. They block ads that have tracking tools embed into them. Or even scarier, than secretive corporate tracking is malvertising. Ads maliciously infected with malware unbeknownst to even the advertising companies themselves, until it’s too late.

Why Adblock

Chrome Webstore Rated Adblock for 4.3 out of 5, with active Users: 1,097,630 and still grow.